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I started sewing on my grandma's treadle sewing machine when I was 10 years old (I could barely reach the pedal). My sister and I began making Barbie doll clothes to sell at a street sale, not knowing I would go on to make a lot of my own clothes in high school and then fell hard into the "quilting addiction." I have been quilting for the past 33 years and find myself sewing everyday. I love working with fabrics and selecting color combinations.

Five years ago, I saw a pair of handmade wool mittens and heard the back story of recycling wool sweaters to make them. I loved the idea of "re-purposing" things and decided to make my own signature mitten pattern. Since that time I have made and sold 1000's of pairs at midwest craft shows. My son decided I should reach out through the internet after many of my customers asked, "Do you have a website?" So, The Mitten Company was formed.


The Mitten Company Today

The Mitten Company specializes in handmade, fleece-lined mittens, hand-sewn from recycled, gently used wool sweaters. Each pair of mittens have two decorative buttons attached, also hand-sewn. Prior to construction, the sweaters are washed, pre-shrunk, and felted, which makes them more dense, and thus warmer. The patterns of the different sweaters combine to make each pair a unique creation, found nowhere else. Our mittens are truly one-of-a-kind. 

Deb Selling MIttens at a Craft Fair