TMC Updates - April 2018 – The Mitten Company
TMC Updates - April 2018

Happy April everyone! Apparently Spring called in sick this year and we're in the middle of our 5th winter of the season... Around the country, it's 30 degrees below the norm and snowing in April. I mean, it feels like January 97th right? At least it makes for great mitten weather. Here's what's going on with TMC:

After much discussion, we've decided to keep The Mitten Company in the family. Meaning, the Rummel family will continue to own, run, manage, ship products, market, run social media, whatever needs to be done... we'll be doing it.

You might be asking, "But what about the mittens? Who will be making them? Will they be the same as how Deb made them?" This is where we need your help, opinions, and input. The following 6 question survey will help us determine how to steer TMC into the right direction, and allow us to produce products that our customers want. Thank you for taking the time to answer these 6 quick questions :)

It might sound like a roller coaster of a time here in MN trying to figure out this company after Deb's passing, but everything works out in the end. And we want to assure you that the our family is committed to continue producing the best wool mittens in the country (and maybe Canada, eh?).

Rob, Ben, Blair, and Team TMC are working hard, with goals of re-opening October 1st, 2018. We want to make sure you have fashionably warm hands, and are able to get TMC holiday gifts for your loved ones this year :)


April 10, 2018 by Ben Rummel
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Nancy Joseph

Nancy Joseph said:

So happy to hear you will continue to make these wonderful mittens. Looking forward with great anticipation to your new styles. My old mittens need a friend.

Penny Kraft

Penny Kraft said:

So many people (co-workers, friends, daughters, etc) asked me about buying Deb’’s mittens this past winter….all I could think about was Deb frantically sewing buttons on mittens at choir practice in Dec of 2016. I’m so glad that this company won’t be leaving the planet! It’s just one of her many legacies!

Janice Exenberger

Janice Exenberger said:

So glad to hear the Rummel family has decided to keep up Deb’s dream! I love her mittens and have many pairs of them. Take your time, your loyal customers will be here when you are ready!
A P.E.O. Friend from Neenah.

Trudy Grob

Trudy Grob said:

While walking with my new puppy yesterday I lost one of my Deb made mittens. I went back and drove my route twice without finding the mitten. I am very happy to hear the company will continue as a Rummel company, and I look forward to ordering a new pair (I still have one new pair stashed) in October. Thoughts and prayers to you all!

Stephanie Cannon

Stephanie Cannon said:

I send condolences on Deb’s passing to your family. I’m very to hear you will continue her work. I have a pair of mittens I got as a gift and love. I’m looking forward to giving your mittens to friends!

Joan O'Hare

Joan O'Hare said:

Love the mittens, have several pairs, look forward to having some new ones in my collection.

Vicki Lear Walker

Vicki Lear Walker said:

I am so very happy to hear this news. I know Deb would be so very happy about this also. I was looking at the mittens I’ve bought from The Mitten Company and was feeling a bit sad about Deb passing and needing more mittens. Thank you for taking over The Mitten Company!

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