Remembering Deb

Deb RummelThere's no easy way to say this, so let's jump right in (just as Deb lived her life; quick and to the point). For those of you who don't know, Deb (our mitten lady, CEO, teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother) lost her battle with brain cancer in late August this year. She was pain-free, and while we weren't there at the time, we got to say goodbye the night before.

As most of you know, Deb was one of the most upbeat, positive people you would ever meet. She always saw the good side in everyone, and this was one of the main reasons she was such a great teacher and mentor. She was a fantastic mom, and a wonderful grandma, and she loved to sew those mittens! She made everyone around her better for just knowing her.

So what are the plans for The Mitten Company? Well, operating TMC without Deb just can't be done. And not something we can mentally handle even if we tried. Without getting into too many details about the 500 business questions we had to ourselves, we've ultimately decided to close up shop...

... But not yet. We still have some inventory to sell though. 44 pairs to be exact. So here's your last chance to own a pair of Deb's mittens: We will be opening up this season on OCTOBER 15th and closing this season on OCTOBER 31st. 16 days. That's it. While supplies last. All sales final. In true Deb fashion: act fast or you may miss your chance!

Her loss has left huge holes in our hearts, but the last thing she wanted was for those holes to remain unfilled for very long. Please remember her with a smile on your face. She would have loved that.

Much Love,
Rob, Ben & Blair


  • vicky kusyk

    don’t know why but had Deb on my mind the past few weeks…thought i would check out the mitten company website…had some great laughs with deb at wozhawa days…a true honor to have known someone like her…filled with so much energy and happiness…have never encountered another like Deb…extending prayers for her entire family

  • kate Brewer

    So very sorry for your loss. :(

  • Cindy Fry

    So sorry to hear about the loss of Deb who you cared for so much and was the foundation of your company.

    Her mittens are wonderful. I will try to remember to check out the inventory on 10/15/17.

  • TrudyGrob

    I will certainly miss Deb and will remember her each and every time I pull on one of her one of a kind mittens. My sympathies go out to you, her family.

  • Kathy

    Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of Deb. I am so sorry to hear you are closing the shop, but I totally understand. Hopefully I will be able to secure one last pair of her beautiful, warm mittens.
    Love & prayers,

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