Post Holiday 2022 Updates

It’s now the end of the first week in January, 2020 and we’ve found time to breathe after one of our busiest falls and early winters in Mitten Company history. Orders were flying out the door, and our local postmaster probably got tired of seeing us (sometimes twice a day!). We make those extra trips, since one of the most repeated comments in our reviews is “quick shipping”. We know that’s greatly appreciated by our customers, and we’ll try to continue this into the future.

Our “Black November” sale was a huge success, with many customers taking advantage of placing multiple orders throughout the month. This was another reason we were so busy. Unfortunately, COVID-19 struck us, and a family member was ill for most of November. Through extra family help, we fulfilled orders in a timely matter, and are happy to report that the family member has made a complete recovery. This was just in time for another family member’s wedding in early December. As the bride said, “This is the best day ever!” It certainly was!

Don’t forget that we’re open until March 31st. Our inventory took a hit from the November sale, but there still are plenty of mittens looking for a new home. We won’t be replacing our inventory until this spring and summer, and will be opening again on October 1st for the 2022/23 winter season, so check Mitten Mail for news and sale info. We still have a great selection of women’s Team Mittens with custom state embroidery, and they are all on sale through the end of March. It’s a wonderful way to support your favorite team!

We hope your holidays were a welcome respite from all the confusion and uncertainty in the world today, including the extreme weather in many parts of the country. Our corner of Minnesota had almost 20 inches of snow (during that wedding, no less) which melted completely in less than a week in 55-degree temperatures. This morning, we had temperatures around -18. So it goes…

Also, thanks to all of our great customers who added a donation while checking out. After matching that sum, we were able to donate over $500 to the American Brain Tumor Association. Adding this to donations from January through March, 2021, The Mitten Company has donated over $1000 for 2021! We’re very proud of this, and grateful to our customers. Thank You! 

Please remember as our founder, owner, and head seamstress Deb always said: Stay Warm!

– Rob, Ben, and team TMC

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