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As we previously stated in emails, on social media, and on our website... we closed up shop after all of Deb's final mittens sold out online. We prepared ourselves for letting go of TMC and closing the book on this part of our lives.

Well, we aren't closing the book, but we are helping to write another chapter! This time, under new ownership.

Earlier this month, after we announced we'd be closing up shop, we received a long Facebook Message from someone named Debra. She explained that she came across our page and went to purchase mittens for her family for Christmas, but we were already sold out. After more research, she figured out why we were sold out online. She further explained that she was a lifelong sewer and loves working with wool. She told us a personal story about how her father also passed away from brain cancer and she's been praying for another worthwhile job to come her way. Can you tell where this is going?

We replied to Debra's long, unexpected Facebook message. We weren't planning on handing over the company to someone else, as we didn't think there was anyone else in the midwest who could really take over our Deb's mitten legacy. But there was something special with Debra. There were just too many stars aligning to ignore this clear sign. Debra was meant to do this. She was up for the challenge and was ready. This was what she was praying for.

It has been a crazy October getting Debra ready to take over TMC. But we want to assure you that you Debra is committed to continue producing the best wool mittens in the country. After learning more about Debra's story and realizing her sewing talent, this decision was a no-brainer. We are confident that Debra is the perfectperson to take over The Mitten Company.

Debra, Rob, Ben, and Blair are working hard, with goals of re-opening in Mid November. We want to make sure you have warm hands, and are able to get TMC holiday gifts for your loved ones this year :)

If you have any questions, please scroll down and read some of our FAQ's about this transition.

Introducing Debra:

Debra The Mitten Company 2017"My family moved to Holland Michigan, when I was 5 years old. I grew up living in a forest, along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Warm summers days at the beach quickly gave way to the blustery winds of fall. My memories of winter in the woods are so beautiful, snow days were the best days. We would bundle up and play outside from morning until the street lights came on, building forts, snowmen and sledding til we were frozen solid. If we were lucky, we got to do it again the next day.

My Grandmother introduced me to sewing when I was 4 years old. She taught me how to sew on buttons and practice straight stitching on muslin. I found the process very soothing and peaceful, and signed up for weekly classes learning to sew on a machine when I was 6 and then moving on to sewing knitwear at the age of 10. Thru the years I've made clothing, accessories and home decor. My favorite materials have always been knits, European linen and wool.

Our family like the Rummels, was touched by cancer, a few years ago. My own father was diagnosed and ultimately died from a brain tumor. His engineering business that he had built for over 25 years had to shut down, as no one in the family had the knowledge or ability to carry on his work. It was heartbreaking to have to dispose of his professional and personal items.

When I read about Deb's passing and that The Mitten Company was going to shut down, it brought me back instantly to my own families sorrow in that same situation. After reaching out to the Rummel family, we have found a way to continue The Mitten Company and let Deb's dream live on.

I look forward to picking up the pieces, and continuing to build The Mitten Company. We will remain committed to producing the finest one of a kind, hand sewn mittens made with love.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any special requests or wishes. We are excited to make this Christmas season a very special one for you and your loved ones.



Will the mittens be the same quality, shape, and size?
Yes. Debra will be using Deb Rummel's mitten patterns, sewing techniques, and processes. The mittens will not change.

Will TMC be open this season?
Yes. Debra has bags and bags of sweaters in hand, and is sewing ferociously. We hope to re-open in mid November :)

Will you still have a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale?
We are hashing out the details on this as I type. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest deals and sales:

Will Debra be attending any craft shows this year?
That will be up to her. Seeing as we have 0 shoppable inventory right now online, we assume she will be focusing on online sales this year.

Where will TMC be located?
When we re-open up shop, all mittens will temporarily be shipping from Michigan. Later on in the season, Debra and TMC will be moving to sunny Florida!

Will your email address be changing?
No. You can still contact us at

October 30, 2017 by Ben Rummel
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Rosie said:

Very happy TMC will be continuing. Deb would be so happy!

Vicki Rummel

Vicki Rummel said:

So happy to hear this. Good Luck! Thrilled that TMC will live on.

Sharon Peterson

Sharon Peterson said:

Dear Rob,Ben,and Blair,
I am so happy for all of you! You just never know what is going to happen in your life. What are the chances of finding someone who shares Deb’s vision, and whose motivation to create beautiful work for others to enjoy comes straight from her heart- and her name is Deb!
In the days to come and throughout this holiday season, I bet that Deb is smiling down on all of you while making “ to do” lists full of helpful hints for you all to remember as you reopen TMC. Then you will hear Deb’s voice often as you help the “ Deb the owner” to get organized and continue crafting beautiful mittens using Deb’s designs. What a wonderful legacy of love to continue , especially in time for the holiday season that Deb loved so much. I can’t tell you how many quilts, wall hangings, and beautiful handwork items that I was blessed to purchase from Deb’s craft fairs. They brighten up my home and keep the holiday spirit in my heart.
By carrying on Deb’s work you all will do the same for so many… all year long. Love and prayers to all of you.

Maria Westerhoff

Maria Westerhoff said:

I’m so happy to hear this news. You just could not have found a better person to carry on this awesome vision. I’ve known Debra since we were 12 years old and consider her to be one of the most kind-hearted, generous and steadiest of people.
It does feel as though something very very special has happened here and no doubt will continue to happen as the company moves forward. Good luck and the absolute best of wishes to you all.


Carla said:

I’m so happy that this company started by such a special friend will be continuing on with someone as devoted as Deb. Debra: you have big shoes to fill but it sounds like you are up to the task. I wish you luck and much success.


Carissa said:

I got directed to this page on my hunt for some good mittens only to find that there were only a few kinds of mittens I sent a message and did some more digging and I am so happy this story took a turn for the better! I will be checking back often, hopefully soon the whole store will be restocked, bursting at the seams with warmth and wool!

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