July 2018 Updates

We first want to thank the hundreds of people who took the time to fill out our survey this Spring. After analyzing your responses, your voice is loud and clear. We will not be mass producing our mittens. We will continue producing the warmest high quality one-of-a-kind recycled sweater mittens you're already accustomed to, along with some other NEW products this fall :)

We've also decided to keep FREE SHIPPING on all US orders, and we're working on setting up the cheapest shipping options for Canada orders.

Stay tuned for NEW product announcements as we approach the end of Summer!

The Rummel Family



  • Karen Kay

    Thank you for listening to your customers. You have the BEST mittens—excellent quality and the warmth can’t be beat. FREE SHIPPING—another bonus.

    Bring on the snow!!!

  • Shelley Brown

    More small or medium size women’s mittens would be wonderful. So many of your mittens are large size and way too big. Thank you so much!

  • Susan Veberg

    Looking forward to getting my new mittens!!!

  • Rosie

    Yay! Excited to see what you will be offering.

  • Bobbi Speck

    Yay! Good news! Suggestion 1: for shipping to Canada mail is best, or UPS. Stay away from FedEx, which focuses on businesses accessible during business hours, and make home delivery almost impossible! 2) Please consider boiled wool mittens for Canadians walking dogs in the Polar Vortex!

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