Happy New Year! 2020 Edition

Happy New Year! 2020 Edition
It’s January, and we here at The Mitten Company are still trying to catch our breath. This holiday season was one of our busiest ever, with trying to quickly fill the gift orders to make sure they all got there on time, replenishing our stock, and finding time for family get-togethers.
Bears Vikings Game!
We even got to attend the Bears-Vikings game, and we’ll leave it to you to decide who we cheered for. (Hint: Even though we live in the Twin Cities area, we all grew-up in Illinois). Speaking of favorite sports teams, our Team Mittens have been reduced in price. They’re very stylish and perfect to wear to all of your winter sporting events. Get a pair or two while they last!
Check our site frequently for news about upcoming sales events and other mitten doings. Thanks to all of our great customers in 2019, and we hope you, your family and your friends have a great 2020!
- Team Mitten Co.

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