Black November Announcement

Hello Mitten Company family! We hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. Many of you know about the supply shortages still happening globally. Numerous companies are still experiencing extremely low inventory and residual manufacturing issues from last year. Without a doubt, this is creating a sense of anxiety among holiday shoppers this gifting season.

On top of inventory issues, shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx are struggling to find employees to help keep up with elevated shipping demands during holiday season. What a mess...

So, what are we doing about it? In order to create a less stressful gifting experience, retailers around the world are teaming up to start their Black Friday deals much earlier. In turn, spreading/thinning out the workload of shipping carriers across 2 months instead of 1.
One easy way to avoid the madness is by shopping early, which is why we have decided to continue our Black Friday BOGO sale this year.

Starting NOWwe’re releasing our annual Black Friday BOGO sale early so you can feel confident you’re getting the best deal of the season and in time for the holidays. And we're extending the sale for ALL OF NOVEMBER!

By shopping early, you’ll also get a better selection of products. Remember, all of our mittens are one of a kind and no two pairs are the same. Meaning every single pair is first come, first served.  
Rob, Ben, and team Mitten Company

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  • Dowd

    You guys are a great company ! Just found out about you at near end of last winter . My grandaughter came over wearing a pair of you’re mittens . I was impressed of how well made they art ! Since I’m a Native Elder , I am afraid I will lose one or both , so I’m going to have my sister crochet a chain to attach to them , string through my sleeves ! I know it might look silly , I never did care what people think …it’s a practical thing ! I don’t go out much , I’m in poor health , in wheelchair . I’m on a fixed income , I don’t want to lose my new mittens , they are much easier to wear , my hands are swollen from rhuematoid arthritis also make these perfect ! Thank you for this product !

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