7 Winter Essentials You Should Probably Just Buy Now

We may never have been Boy Scouts, but we always did jive with their motto: Be prepared. As winter nears and the morning chill lingers throughout the day, we're getting ready to meet the season in style.

Ladies, let's face it: If you don't have these items on you already, you're going to end up running into the first store you pass and splurging on them on a frigid day. So get ready to combat the cold by putting together a "winter emergency kit" to solve every winter problem in the book.



A mini hairbrush. Don't let frigid winds, hoods and hats get the best of your hairstyle. Tame static and flyaways on the go.

A hat. Red ears are so last season. Keep your head covered to retain maximum heat. A slouchier style won't wreak havoc on your hair.

Chapstick. Banish cracked, peeling lips for good. Come winter, we keep a moisturizing balm in the pocket of every jacket and every purse. Pick one with SPF, since freezing temps don't mean the sun's rays go away.

Mittens. Frozen fingers are totally useless. We go for convertible mittens, since they set your digits free to tap on your digital touch-screens -- and they show off your manicure.

Socks. Those thin socks you paired with tennis shoes and strappy sandals all summer aren't going to cut it. On the chilliest days, we'll grab a wool pair or double up. A fun pattern keeps things interesting when you flash a little ankle.

Hand cream. Let's face it: Your hands are going to get cold. Keep them hydrated to keep them from drying out. Apply liberally.

A lint roller. Nothing ruins an outfit faster than fuzzies stuck to a wool coat. Don't leave the house without a roll-down.


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