How To Match Your Coat and Mittens

girl in black puffer coat, red wool mittens, and a puff ball hat

Do you often find that you never know how to wear and pair a winter coat and a set of mittens? Which styles, prints, and materials go best together? Read on to learn how you can look sleek, chic, and perfectly styled (not to mention warm and cozy) as you run out and about this winter!

Often, coats and mittens mirror each other. If your go-to coat is a puffer or sporty parka featured in a solid, neutral tone like grey, red, navy, black, or silver; select a pair of chunky boiled wool mittens or shetland wool mittens in a bright bold color, or that boast a wintery pattern, like snowflakes or plaid stripes.

If you are all about style and structure, you probably own a beautifully tailored wool coat in a luxurious color like midnight blue, winter white, eggplant purple or emerald green. Consider color coordinating your coat and hand-wear by selecting a pair of lux leather-palmed mittens in the exact same tone as your jacket. This solidified look will be anything but boring as you mix two different fabrics (wool and leather) but stick with one posh color.

If you are a single lapel type of gal, consider wearing your cherry red, fuchsia pink, or lime green acrylic blazer with a pair of printed mittens. Nothing will make your city-inspired jacket look sexier and more pulled together than by adding a great pair of patterned mittens to your neutral coat.

If you are all about casual and comfortable styles, designs, and prints then you probably own a structured nylon puffer coat featured in a neutral plaid print. You can liven up this pretty printed look by wearing a pair of wool mittens featured in electrically bright colors like yellow, green, or even electric blue. It will provide a shocking yet complementary contrast to your casual and traditional look.

If you want to look pulled together at all times and dress for the occasion, no matter what the occasion may be; consider not only piecing together an outfit to wear indoors, but an outer wear ensemble as well! Follow these quick and easy tips to create a perfect match between your coat and mittens!

Have some more tips on matching your coat and mittens? Post your ideas in the comment section below!

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