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which wool should you choose?


Wool options can be overwhelming and confusing. Which option is warmer? Which option is softer? What is the best overall mitten choice for a typical American winter? Let's answer some of these questions below. We'll first start off with a down and dirty comparison chart:


Lamb's Wool Merino Wool Shetland Wool Boiled Wool Cashmere
Softness ●●● ●●● ●●○ ●○○ ●●●
Warmness ●●● ●●○ ●●● ●●● ●●○
Smoothness ●●● ●●● ●●● ●○○ ●●●
Stretch ●●○ ●●● ●●○ ●○○ ●●●


So who are the winners?


Softest: Cashmere

Warmest: Boiled Wool

Smooth Texture: Lamb's Wool

Stretch: Merino Wool

Most Universal: Lamb's Wool or Shetland Wool


October 02, 2015

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