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Digging at the Ropa Store

Thanks for being patient with shipping your mitten orders during the first week of January. The Mitten Company took that week to head south to Texas to buy some wool sweaters. We bought wool in bulk at the Ropa Stores, located on the border between Texas and Mexico. The Ropa stores have a mountain of clothes in the middle of a warehouse. We each had a bag in hand and proceeded to search (maybe dig is a better word) for wool sweaters. It felt like a treasure hunt when one of us found a 100% wool sweater and stuffed it into the bag. Shopping like this is not for the faint-hearted, and as you can see in the pictures, we were not alone. After digging through piles in 4 stores, we used 9 washing machines, washed and felted all the sweaters, and marveled at the treasures we found. I have already started sewing mittens and will have these sweaters turned into inventory in no time. Better keep checking back to the website for the latest in wool mittens. There is plenty of winter left!!

Digging at the Ropa Store
Digging at the Ropa Store
Digging at the Ropa Store
January 18, 2014



Annette said:

Now that’s dedication!!

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