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Happy New Year! 2020 Edition
It’s January, and we here at The Mitten Company are still trying to catch our breath. This holiday season was one of our busiest ever, with trying to quickly fill the gift orders to make sure they all got there...
Official 2019 Halloween Costume Mitten Guide
While some of this year's top costumes touch on 2019's biggest trends (Fortnite and unicorns, to name a few), other picks lean toward the classic side of things (witches and clowns). Based on the weather lately, we know it's going to...
Mitten Season Begins!
Leaves turning colors, the sun setting earlier, footballs flying through the crisp air, almost anything you can imagine in “Pumpkin Spice” flavor... It’s officially Mitten Season! And to celebrate opening day, we’ve stocked the website with over 275 NEW pairs of mittens!...
Thank You For A Wonderful Mitten Season!
As we near the end of our most successful mitten season ever, we'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers. While not everything went without a hitch (slow Canadian shipping due to customs, and slow American shipping due to our weekly snowstorms), we did our best to get to you the finest products, fastest shipping, and best customer service we were capable of providing.
Veterans Day Sale, Black Friday Preview, and New Mittens Coming Soon!
We've had a great start thanks to our wonderful customers spreading the word about our relaunch this year. October kept us very busy sending out mitten orders, but we're really looking forward to holiday shopping season :) Be on the lookout for those nice Black Friday deals coming up and a BUNCH of new mittens added to the website soon!
It's Almost Mitten Season! - September 2018 Updates
Hello wooly mitten fans! It’s now the second week of September, and you know what time it is. School has started, pumpkin spice has taken over, and temperatures are starting to drop. That can only mean one thing: MITTEN SEASON! And boy oh boy do we have some fun things going on.
July 2018 Updates
We first want to thank the hundreds of people who took the time to fill out our survey this Spring. After analyzing your responses, your voice is loud and clear. We will not be mass producing our mittens. We will continue producing the warmest high quality one-of-a-kind recycled sweater mittens you're already accustomed to, along with some other NEW products this fall :)
TMC Updates - April 2018
Happy April everyone! Apparently Spring called in sick this year and we're in the middle of our 5th winter of the season... Around the country, it's 30 degrees below the norm and snowing in April. I mean, it feels like January 97th right? At least it makes for great mitten weather. Here's what's going on with TMC:
Thank You

It's official! The Mitten Company has sold out of Deb's 2017/18 mittens in a little over 7 hours after opening up shop. What a fitting tribute to Deb. She lived life in the fast lane and wouldn't want it any other way. And what's even more exciting is that we are able to donate about $918 (total after all our expenses were paid or reimbursed) to the American Brain Tumor Association! Woo Hoo! We couldn't have done it without all of your help, support, and caring nature of our beloved customers.

Remembering Deb
There's no easy way to say this, so let's jump right in (just as Deb lived her life; quick and to the point). For those of you who don't know, Deb (our mitten lady, CEO, teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother) lost her battle with brain cancer in late August this year. She was pain-free, and while we weren't there at the time, we got to say goodbye the night before.
2016/17 Shipping Rate Changes for Canada Orders

In January 2016, both the United States Postal Service and Canada Post have made changes to shipping rates and some service offerings.

NEW Glamour Mittens, Craft Show Updates, and Health Issues
Welcome back to mitten season! Through the year, I typically sew everyday to get ready for the fall craft season and the mitten website. This year, I ran into a serious health issue and have taken some time off. With the gift of God, I am back to full strength. I needed to cancel 3 craft shows this fall but I hope to keep these 2 shows yet before Christmas...
Winter Style Tips: Warm Fashion for Cold Weather
Many of us live in colder parts of the country and always wonder how to stay warm while maintaining the cuteness factor. Wardrobe Oxygen blog helped us pick out some cute winter outfits that you might enjoy :)
Friday's Five Things: The Mitten Company featured on "Making Life Sweet" blog!

Speaking of cold, today’s Friday’s Five Things is all about five things I count on to help stay warm and combat the winter blues!

National Button Day!

Do you remember your grandmother or your mother snipping the buttons off shirts that were headed for the rag basket and then collecting them in jars? Possibly there were a couple of jars filled with different sizes and colors of buttons on her shelf that maybe you were lucky enough to be able to play with.

What a great start to mitten season!

What a great start to mitten season! Now that we're officially in a cold spell, we know those hay-rides, apple-picking and pumpkin farms are perfect times to warm your hands with our mittens :) Read more...

Which Wool?

Wool options can be overwhelming and confusing. Which option is warmer? Which option is softer? What is the best overall mitten choice for a typical American winter? Let's answer some of these questions.

All New Patchwork Mittens!
You all know our mittens are made by recycling 100% wool sweaters. After making thousands of pairs, we have quite a pile of scraps. These scraps are large enough to cut out parts of our mitten pattern, but not large enough to make a whole pair. So we thought, isn't this the definition of recycling or what we call "upcycling"? ...
Holiday Wrap-up

Thanks so much for a tremendous Christmas season. It is just the start of mitten season in November and December. We hope all of you received your mittens on time. We also hope your gifting recipients were happy with their warm mittens.

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-up

What can we say? This year's Black Friday & Cyber Monday were AMAZING. We cannot thank all of you enough for the continued loyalty and support. Although you guys have literally wiped us out of mittens (for now), we'll slowly be adding more pairs leading up to another big sale before Christmas :) Be sure to check in periodically for new products, or sign up to our Mitten Mail email list for instant notifications on new products! The sign up form can be found in the footer of our website. We'll leave you with a pic of some of our orders today (Monday). We promised same-day shipping, and we delivered!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month Updates

It's been a busy October! Thank you to the many mitten customers who helped us contribute to breast cancer research. The first annual Mitten Company "Pink Mitten" promotion netted a $50 check sent to this worthy cause. We contributed 10% of the sales from pink mittens sold during the month of October. Next year, we have a goal to sell 50 pair of pink mittens!