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New Ownership, New Mittens, A New Chapter for TMC!

Earlier this month, after we announced we'd be closing up shop, we received a long Facebook Message from someone named Debra. She explained that she came across our page and went to purchase mittens for her family for Christmas, but we were already sold out. After more research, she figured out why we were sold out online. She further explained that she was a lifelong sewer and loves working with wool. She told us a personal story about how her father also passed away from brain cancer and she's been praying for another worthwhile job to come her way. Can you tell where this is going?

We replied to Debra's long, unexpected Facebook message. We weren't planning on handing over the company to someone else, as we didn't think there was anyone else in the midwest who could really take over our Deb's mitten legacy. But there was something special with Debra. There were just too many stars aligning to ignore this clear sign. Debra was meant to do this. She was up for the challenge and was ready. This was what she was praying for.

It has been a crazy October getting Debra ready to take over TMC. But we want to assure you that you Debra is committed to continue producing the best wool mittens in the country. After learning more about Debra's story and realizing her sewing talent, this decision was a no-brainer. We are confident that Debra is the perfect person to take over The Mitten Company.


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